Access Closure Access Closure
AccessClosure manufactures and distributes the MynxGrip vascular closure device and the Mynx Ace vascular closure device. AccessClosure is also the exclusive distributor of the Flash Ostial System Dual Balloon Angioplasty Catheter in the United States.
Spacelabs Healthcare Spacelabs Healthcare
Always a leader in innovation with Accessibility, Continuity and Partnership. Spacelabs Healthcare delivers on their promises to help improve patient care, help clinicians achieve their goals, and demonstrate honesty, reliability and integrity.
AccuSync® 42  R Wave Trigger
Designed for use in conjunction with imaging systems in gated cardiac studies, the AccuSync 42 ...
Ultraview SL Capnography Module
This module measures end tidal CO2, minimum inspired CO2, and respiratory rate to aid in ...
Curved Femoral Introducer Sheath 12 Fr
Is intended for use in patients requiring the percutaneous retrieval of indwelling catheters, cardiac leads, ...
BodyGuardian Heart
As simple as peel and apply As robust and secure as you need The BodyGuardian® ...
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