Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.

13840 Johnson Street Ne
Minneapolis, MN 55304
United States of America


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Energy is at the heart of our existence, and Bioenergy is improving lives by restoring the energy health of tissues stressed by disease or metabolic imbalance. More than three decades of research provide the scientific underpinnings supporting our products, and have shown the way to applications that impact the metabolic health of millions worldwide.

Fatigue, lack of energy, and the symptoms they bring on are overwhelming health concerns that can result from heart or muscle disease, poor metabolic health, or even the muscle overexertion of exercise. No matter the cause, the effects are real and can seriously impact quality of life. Whether its a heart patient, a triathlete, or simply a grandparent wanting to spend more time with the grandchildren, the amount of energy we have determines how good we feel and how well we can face the challenges and activities of everyday life.

At Bioenergy, we are committed to helping people live more active, normal, and energetic lives. At Bioenergy our science, products, and dedication is directed toward the metabolic health concerns we all face. This singleness of focus makes us unique, allowing us to delve deeper and deeper into the relationship between energy health and overall wellness. And it is this matchless concern for quality of life that sets Bioenergy apart and is integrated into everything we do.