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Optimizing the value of your Cath Lab and EP products through:

1-Purchase of your used Intracardiac Ultrasound Catheters; Acunavs and Soundstars
2- The purchase of your used whole diagnostic EP Catheters; Cat I, Fixed Curve- $8 ea. Cat II, Steerable- $14 ea. Cat IV, DuoDeca, Halo, Loop, etc.- $18 ea as well as St. Jude Agilis Sheaths - $15 ea.
3- Platinum recovery for PTCA wires, Diagnostic and Ablation catheters.
4- Purchase of unused catheters and used equipment.
5- Sale of new, unopened Cath Lab and Electrophysiology catheters and supplies.
6- Sale of used EP equipment such as Mapping Systems, EP Recording Systems, Ablators, Stimulators, etc.

Other services provided: Extensive Free Online EP Education and free advertising for hospitals seeking EP Staff and staffing assistance for EP Staff.

Safely move the esophagus during an AFib Ablation procedure. EPreward is currently distributing the EsoSure. The EsoSure is a temperature programmed Nitinol stylet, soft at room temperature for easy insertion into the lumen of a standard 18 Fr OG tube, and firm at body temperature to deflect the esophagus ~3 cm, similar to physiologic esophageal migration.