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Bardy Diagnostics, Inc. (“BardyDx”) is a leading provider of ambulatory cardiac technologies and custom data solutions, including the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAM™), the world’s smallest and lightest P-wave centric™ ambulatory cardiac monitor and arrhythmia detection device. The CAM is the first P-wave centric ECG monitor to replace traditional Holter monitors. As a non-invasive monitor applied via a medical adhesive to the chest over the atria, the device incorporates a proprietary low noise floor design, advanced software algorithms & scalable architecture for optimal P-wave detection. In addition, the CAM's unique design and shape makes it particularly comfortable for women and pediatric patients (10kg or more) to wear and it is discreet, wire-free, and can be worn in the shower, as well as while exercising & sleeping. The CAM is available in two configurations - a short-term monitor (recording up to 48 hours) and an extended-term monitor (recording up to 7 days).