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Stereotaxis designs, manufactures and markets an advanced cardiology system for use in the cardiac catheterization lab that is focused on revolutionizing the treatment of arrhythmias, heart failure, and coronary artery disease by enabling important new therapeutic solutions and enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of existing interventional procedures.

The proprietary Stereotaxis Magnetic Navigation System is designed to allow physicians to more effectively navigate catheters, guidewires and other magnetic interventional devices, both our own and those we are co-developing with strategic partners, through the blood vessels and chambers of the heart to treatment sites and then to effect treatment. This is achieved using computer-controlled, externally applied magnetic fields that precisely and directly govern the motion of the internal working tip of the catheter, guidewire or other magnetic interventional devices.

We believe that our technology represents an important advance in the ongoing trend toward digital instrumentation in the cath lab and provides substantial, clinically important improvements and cost efficiencies over existing manual interventional methods. As a result, we believe that the Stereotaxis Magnetic Navigation System has the potential to become the standard of care for a broad range of complex cardiology interventional procedures as well as other applications