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From cardiovascular diagnostics and monitoring to cardiopulmonary rehab telemetry, ScottCare is a leading provider of high quality devices, software, EHR data integration and clinical support solutions to aid hospitals and cardiology practices in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease. ScottCare's portfolio includes pacemaker/ICD monitoring, mobile cardiac telemetry, holter monitoring, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, arrhythmia/event monitoring, external counterpulsation therapy (ECP), as well as insourced remote cardiac diagnostic testing and monitoring services through our Ambucor division.

In business since 1989, ScottCare is home to both CardioView Dx, the industry's only single-platform, fully integrated product suite for cardiovascular diagnostic monitoring and CIED patient management, which includes OneView CRM, a device neutral platform for managing cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) data and reports from ALL CRM vendors.

ScottCare is a division of Scott Fetzer, a diversified manufacturer and marketer of high quality products for the home, family and industry comprising more than 20 businesses. You can count on ScottCare to be here today and well into the future to support your continually-evolving needs. For more information or an online demo of our products, visit us at