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Designed with patient comfort in mind, the Mynx Vascular Closure Device uses an extravascular, bio-inert sealant to provide immediate hemostasis of the puncture site. The device is deployed gently, avoiding cinching and tugging of the artery. During the deployment, the sealant is placed on the outside of the artery without the use of a suture or permanent metal implant. The sealant then dissolves within 30 days, leaving nothing behind but a healed artery.

The Mynx is available in two sizes: the Mynx M5 for 5F procedural sheaths, and the 6F/7F Mynx for 6F and 7F procedural sheaths. Both devices eliminate the need for a sheath exchange, preserving the size of the arteriotomy and tissue tract and avoiding potential tissue trauma.

Vendor Showcase

Introducing Cordis, a Cardinal Health company

Introducing Cordis, a Cardinal Health company

As of October 2015, Cordis is a part of Cardinal Health, bringing together two important players in the healthcare industry and creating an unmatched combined offering in the cardiovascular space that will ensure greater access to quality products and services worldwide. read more