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MAVIG GmbH specializes in Ceiling Suspensions or Boom Systems that combine LED Lighting (Exam / Surgical), LCD Monitors and Radiation Shielding. MAVIGs LED lamps offer state-of-the-art technology due to the ability to merge the different color LED by a computer calculated optical system. The minimum life span is 25,000 hours and available in bright white or full color spectrum lighting.

MAVIG GmbH also provides Medical Imaging Grade Monitor Suspension Systems. The monitor booms can support single, multi-bank (1 to 8) and the new 56" LCD display.

MAVIG also manufactures a full line of Radiation Protection / Radiation Shielding products: Adjustable Height & Fixed Height Mobile Barriers, Modular Control Booth Barriers, C-Arm Table Shielding, Lower Body Protection and Vertical Blind Style Lead-Lined Curtains.

In order to decrease lead time, transportation costs and extra importation documentation, MAVIG has partnered with Ti-Ba Enterprises as their US logistics partner. Ti-Ba imports, warehouses and ships all of the MAVIG Products for North America.

Please contact Susan Sherman at 631-266-2229 or