gloStream, Inc.

1050 Wilshire Dr Suite 200
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48084
United States of America


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gloStream got its start when Yaw Kwakye and Milind Ghyar, two software developers with a gift for translating ideas into easy-to-use healthcare technology, began developing gloEMR - gloStreams flagship electronic medical record application. Today, gloEMR and gloPM, gloEMR's sister practice management application, are the only EMR and PM solutions on the market embedded with Microsoft Office, which means they are robust, familiar, easy to use. gloStream is also the only 100% partner driven EMR/PM company. Solutions are sold and supported through a nationwide network of local technology partners.

In 2006, technology veteran Mike Sappington joined gloStream as CEO, and has been developing and implementing the companys business strategies and overseeing day-to-day operations ever since. Thanks to rapid adoption, the team is growing with research and development; consulting and support; product development; communications; and client support adding team members each and every day.

The gloStream name, while originally intended to signify that the company is a global organization which streamlines a complex process, has come to mean much, much more. Today, our team members and clients simply refer to our organization and software as “glo.” Its an acknowledgement and also a reminder that we shine a bright light on complex processes and offer solutions that glow powerfully, opening our clients eyes to the many tools we provide them with to reach their goals.

gloStream remains privately-owned so that we can maintain our ability to deliver flexible solutions quickly. We thrive on straightforward communication, fast decision-making and efficiency. Because of our organizational structure, gloStream can quickly adapt to changing market conditions by deploying funds and manpower when and where they are needed most. In this way, the organization swiftly and seamlessly adapts to meet continually evolving industry needs.