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What is athenahealth?

athenahealth, Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based business services which includes practice management, CCHIT-certified electronic health record (EHR), a continuously updated payer knowledge-base, integrated back-office service operations, and automated and live patient communication services.

Our services allow you to manage scheduling and billing; monitor productivity, utilization and cash flow; and better manage all major areas of your patient encounters without costly set-up or upgrades. Our web-based software connects to our real-time database of insurance and clinical rules. Its a proprietary compilation of industry-trusted data sources and includes billing codes, pay-for-performance and formulary requirements and clinical guidelines and protocols. It even flags potential billing errors, so you can fix them before they cause problems. Database rules are embedded into your patient encounters, allowing you to access drug interaction alerts, drug allergy alerts, and information needed for reporting while youre in the same room with your patient. And its all constantly updated, both with new rules developed from claim denial trends and with current legislation and industry initiatives.

We also provide back-office services, taking on your most time-consuming tasks like tracking claims, managing denials, posting EOBs and payments, and digitizing faxes. We build and maintain electronic connections for you to labs, pharmacies, hospitals and medical imaging archive systems at no additional charge. We route critical results directly to the appropriate doctor and flag ones that arent received when expected. All this, and we continually assess your practices performance and suggest improvements.

So thats what we do. We help practices like yours work more efficiently. We get you paid faster and more fully. And we help you gain the time and insight you need to deliver better care and grow in the way youve always wanted. To find out more please contact us at 866.817.5738 or