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Cardiac Insight, Inc. Cardea SOLO™ from Cardiac Insight, Inc.

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For the first time, new technology eliminates the need for the extra costly and time-consuming step of data analysis centers and provides a more patient-friendly, comprehensive and streamlined approach to cardiac data capture and retrieval.

Cardea SOLO™ responds to the unmet need for efficient and affordable diagnosis and treatment of a variety of irregular heart rhythms, including atrial fibrillation (AFib). Patient data that was previously routed through multiple clinicians can now be delivered in minutes to the prescribing doctor. Cardea SOLO™ is intended to enhance mean time-to-diagnosis and increase savings for patients and health care insurers.

“Because Cardea SOLO empowers us with more efficient and enhanced reporting within our clinics and practices, we can provide increased 1:1 interaction with patients. That can only mean immediate and long-term benefits for all involved.”
Dr. James Richardson, Cardiology Partners, Texas

Discreetly worn for up to seven days, the sensor detects and records ECG signals and occurrences of patient symptoms. The comprehensive data can then be retrieved immediately in the physician’s office for analysis using the software’s robust set of ECG algorithms and interactive full-disclosure trace review tools.

Small, lightweight, water-resistant and disposable, the form factor and technology of Cardea SOLO™ is designed to encourage better patient compliance. The device provides doctors with diagnostic information that supports patient care to preempt more serious, damaging and costly health conditions, such as strokes or other cardiac complications.


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